Hi there, my name is Jonathan Rios. I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist.

For the past 18 years I have worked in the mental health industry. I work extensively with addicts, performers, veterans, stay at home mothers, business professionals & spiritual seekers. Specialties include treatment of anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, addiction, & performance barriers. My practical & straight forward approach provides tangible results and skills that help individuals push through the inevitable challenge.

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Anxiety is not an identity or a destination. You are passing through anxiety; it is not here to stay.

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Anxiety is TREATABLE and we want to see as many people as possible live free from its clutches.

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Full Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Heroes Journey & Avoidance

Unit 2- Nervous System 101- Includes (2) breath trainings

Unit 3: Releasing Core Emotions


Unit 4: Mastering Panic & Fear without medication

Unit 5: Comfortable in your own skin- Identity

Unit 6: Poor Boundaries- the breeding ground for anxiety

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